"Empty Shell" - Tiny Desk Contest Entry

We decided to go a little crazy with our NPR Tiny Desk Contest entry this year to celebrate the completion of our debut album inMarch.  We hope you enjoy this video for John's song "Empty Shell."  If you need a hint...it's about books :)  Thank you to Ahren Buccheister for recording and mixing and Alison Harbaugh of Sugar Farm Productions for the videography!

"Empty Shell"

Run Come See Goes live!

Run Come See is always excited to go live onstage but now we can say the same for being live online and live in video.  Welcome to our new website!  Scroll around, find a show, get personal with our bios, listen to where we came from, and be sure to come back for news, show info, and band updates.  After Ashleigh Townsend made us look so cool in our first photoshoot, we knew we needed to show them off. Then we had the opportunity to record a live video with Ahren Buchheister behind the controls and Mark Peria behind the camera at Johanna Blake's studio building and it was time.  The website is up and working and the video is posted!  We hope you enjoy the first of a series of three from the recording session, "Brass Lips."  Come on back for the debut of the next 2 videos in the coming weeks.  Thanks for stopping by and we'll see you soon.